About Us

From small acorns great oak trees grow

Our name "Tradewise" was first noticed by the insurance industry in the United Kingdom in the autumn of 1995 when Tradewise Insurance Services Ltd was introduced as an underwriting agency specialising in the motor insurance requirements of the motor trade industry. A broker supporting company with no direct selling operation of the same name and supported by various insurers and Lloyds syndicates the Company quickly gained a reputation for excellent service by both broker and insured alike.

Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd was established in 2001 for the sole purpose of underwriting insurance policies for distribution via the broker network that had been created by the underwriting agency. The intention then as it is today was to build a strong insurance company focused on niche areas where it is possible to achieve both competitive yet stable premiums for the insured as well as dependable profitability for the shareholders. With Service standards remaining as the focal point for continued growth and prudent risk assessment behind our reasoning for maintaining strength in an ever weakening world, Tradewise has proven itself to be a partner that both broker and insured can depend on.

Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd. was one of the first licensed and trading motor vehicle insurance companies registered by the Financial Service Commission in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a constituent part of the European Union, having joined in 1973 with the United Kingdom, under the provisions of the Treaty of Rome relating to European dependent territories. Licensed financial institutions can provide services throughout the EU and EEA under the freedom of services act. On the 19th April 2000 a series of agreements were entered into with the aim of unblocking several EU issues, one of these agreements related to the establishment of arrangements to secure recognition by all member states for acts and decisions of Gibraltar's competent authorities.

It was with this in mind, togther with the issues being faced by the London Insurance market and the connected effects being felt in Dublin, that Gibraltar was decided upon as the place to be for our wants in establishing a European insurer.

Today Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd. continues to grow, known by thousands simply as TWi we currently transact business in no less than six European territories, from our beginnings in the United Kingdom we now have products that are available via brokers in Gibraltar, the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus. We will to trade wisely.